Order conditions

торт на 1кг и туалетная бумага

The weight of a decorated cake has to be calculated 150-200 gr per person, depending on the complexity of your cake design.

The minimum weight of a modern cake is 2,5-3 kg. Weight may vary up to 0,5 kg for small cakes and up to 1-2 kg for multiple tier cakes. Therefore, only preliminary cost will be given at the time of a cake order.

The cake, figures and sugar flowers may contain some small inedible components (toothpicks, skewers, straws, special wire). Please specify at the time of the order, if you do not want any inedible components to be used in the cake. However, depending on the complexity of the cake, figures, flowers – these components are a essential element to set up and fasten all decorative figures on the cake. Multiple tier cake contains skewers and special tubes in the middle of each tier – it is necessary to ensure the stability of each level of the cake.

Modern cakes covered with sugar mastic – a beautiful edible wrap. The mastic ingredients contain food dyes that are not recommended to children if they are allergic to them.
If sugar mastic seems to be too sweet for you, it can be put aside and you can enjoy the unique taste of modern homemade cake.

Packaging is not included in the cost of the cake.

Delivery across Riga and the nearby cities at additional expense, by agreement is possible.

Possible delivery across Riga and its vicinity by request. An additional fee applies.

Booking of your celebration date has to be made in good time – a week or even a month in advance. The best way to place your order is over the phone.

The exchange of information like prior conditions can be made by correspondence only at the initial stage, e.g. via email, ok.ru or facebook. Date considered booked only after the telephone call has been made.

A prepayment of 50% has to to made for cakes greater than 4kg.


Cakes with cream decor 18 €/kg


Cakes with sugar paste 20 €/kg


Cakes with sugar paste 22 €/kg


Complex cakes 25 €/kg


Cupcake 1-5 €/pcs


Mini Cakes 2-5 €/pcs


Marshmallow 20 €/kg


Desserts cups 1-2,50 €/pcs


Cake Pops 1-1,50 €/pcs


Marshmallow 1€/pcs


Macarons 1-1,20 €/pcs


Meringue 17 €/kg


Meringue on a stick 1,30 €/pcs


Cookies 1,50-5 €/pcs


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